Ready For Zero Launch Project

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What Living in China Taught Me About Money
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Ready For Zero is an award-winning personal finance startup that helps people pay down debt by tracking their debt payments. As part of their content marketing efforts, I was a regular contributor to their blog. Every week, I wrote a 500-800 word article on personal finance issues, ranging from tips to save money, make money, student loans, budgeting, credit scores, and more.

Through content partnerships, the articles are also syndicated to partner sites, including Lifehacker, Credit Karma, and The syndication partnerships and content helped Ready For Zero reach a much wider audience, building greater brand awareness and converting readers into customers. My articles were written for both Ready For Zero’s blog and specifically for the partner sites.

In 2013, the Ready For Zero blog was named as the top financial product blog by the Plutus Awards–and also saw over a million pageviews.