About Fiona

I’m a writer, editor, and content strategist. I help build brands through content.

My specialty is in content creation and strategy with social media characteristics. Previously, I’ve worked as a marketing manager, publicist, copywriter, freelance journalist, teacher, and social media coordinator. Thanks to my diverse experiences, I have a holistic understanding of marketing and branding–and how content strategy and social media play an integral role in marketing. I love playing with words to build relationships between consumers and brands.

My own story is about making connections and creating something new from the experience of being in-between. I’ve lived in cities major and minor across the United States and China. An avid traveler, I am constantly inspired by new cultures and languages. I am that person who will rock up to your country, mangle your language, and have a good laugh doing it.

While living in China, I studied Mandarin for several years. China is a great place to see language evolve: censorship means that people come up with very creative ways to express themselves through language.

Fluent in English, Mandarin, and social media.

Inspirations: Travel. Cooking. Sicily. E.M. Forster. Polaroid. Antoine Doinel. Barcelona. Judy Garland. Pet Shop Boys. Paris. Philippe Jarrousky. Jane Austen. Audrey Hepburn. Fred Astaire. Downton Abbey. Katharine Hepburn. Wong Kar Wai. Istanbul. Miyazaki Hayao. La Jetee. I am also inordinately fond of small cartoon rabbits.

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